The Dirt

A Snap Shot Of The Photographer

Name: Tabitha Burrell

About: Born in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Always had a passion for photography, art and drawing but always put it on the back burner.
“I can never make a living doing photography” I would tell myself, and it wasn’t until I left my office job of 10 years that I realized
I should follow my dream! So at 35 years young I made a huge leap and decided to give it my all!

Leigha Jane Photography was born with the name being inspired by my two beautiful, darling and witty children that light the fire in my soul
every day of life; Mckenna Leigha and Lorena Jane.

Believes: In a world where you can be anything…be yourself and believe in yourself!

Style:  I would say my photography is fun, timeless and photo-journalistic. Photos that are “dramatic”, “real, “edgy” and “emotional” inspire me!
I love to capture moments while they happen. Real expression is simply the best. While I do suggest poses, I typically take several shots during
our session to capture the best moments and natural expressions. In my studio I have many props for children. I also have a special interest in
high concept photography. This is mostly something I do for fun and to keep my creativity flowing. I maintain a Creative Portfolio that I vow to
put at least one creative piece in per month for my own personal interests.

Credits: I wouldn’t be where I am today if people had not been who they were in my life…from my Dad as a small child teaching me to paint, my mom always being there for me and encouraging me to be the best I can be, my beautiful girls who inspire me every day, and then my best friend, my life partner Steve for always supporting me, listening to my ideas and never telling me no. I also have been blessed with an abundance of friends and clients who have supported me from my very first and who have enjoyed sharing my journey with me!